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At ReadyMeds, we’re here for all your questions. Our pharmacists are available from 9:00AM–6:00PM CST on weekdays, 9:00AM–5:00PM CST on Saturdays and 11:00AM–3:00PM CST on Sundays.

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About ReadyMeds

  • Is ReadyMeds an online pharmacy?

    While ReadyMeds offers the convenience of being online, we’re also a physical pharmacy located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, providing pharmacy services exclusively to our fellow Canadians.

  • Where do ReadyMeds medications come from?

    All medications provided by ReadyMeds are licensed for sale in Canada and provided through the same wholesalers that provide medications to many other local pharmacies.

  • Does ReadyMeds have any contracts or commitment length?

    No, you can choose to fill any or all of your prescriptions at any other pharmacy at any time.

  • Is my health information secure?

    Yes, all health information shared with ReadyMeds is kept strictly confidential in accordance with The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) of Manitoba. All electronic data is stored securely within the pharmacy.

  • Can I sign up for ReadyMeds on behalf of an individual I support as a care provider?

    Yes, you can help an individual you support to set up a new profile, using the same method you would use to create a profile for yourself.

ReadyMeds services

  • Can I transfer my prescriptions now, or do I need to wait until it's time for a refill?

    You can transfer your prescriptions anytime! We take care of everything for you: contacting your current pharmacy to make the switch, calling your doctor if required and optimizing your dosing schedule if needed. In fact, it’s best to transfer before you need a refill—that way, we can have your profile set up and ready to go.

  • I take a lot of supplements along with my prescription medication. Can ReadyMeds package those, too?

    Yes, we can help to organize your medications, both prescription and non-prescription, to make things easier for you. Please note that, before we package your medications, one of our pharmacists will need to review any non-prescription medications to ensure they’re safe and effective to use along with your prescription medications. Also, any non-prescription products must be approved for sale in Canada by Health Canada.

  • Can you provide pharmaceutical compounds and other specialty products?

    Yes, we can arrange to provide most compounded and specialty products, although some exclusions apply.

  • I manage a residential treatment facility. Can ReadyMeds help my staff organize medications for patients?

    Yes, we have a great deal of experience in the field of residential care. Please contact us with specific details, and we can help find specific solutions for your organization based on your policies.

  • Can you dispose of my old medications or needles?

    Returns are based on location: in some areas, we can provide a pick-up service; in others, you may need to return these items to a local pharmacy. Please call us to discuss a solution that works in your area.

  • Is there a cost to the ReadyMeds service?

    Beyond the standard medication costs and the pharmacy’s $12 dispensing fee, there are no additional costs for packaging, delivery or any other added services. We do not charge any dispensing fees for non-prescription medications if there is at least one prescription medication in your order.

  • Can you bill to my health insurance?

    Yes, we can submit to any health insurance with drug coverage that is set up for direct billing. You can simply scan your insurance card to your profile, and we’ll set everything up for you.

ReadyMeds delivery

  • Can ReadyMeds deliver any kind of medications?

    Yes, ReadyMeds can deliver almost all prescription and non-prescription medications approved by Health Canada. While we can deliver medications in almost all formats (pills, liquids, inhalers, creams, etc.), medications such as narcotics and controlled substances, or medications that require refrigeration, can only currently be delivered in Winnipeg and some surrounding areas. Ask our pharmacists if you require items such as these, and we will confirm whether we can deliver to your location.

  • Can ReadyMeds deliver to my office, or does it have to be to my home?

    We’re flexible and can make arrangements to deliver to you at any address of your choosing, including your workplace. Please contact us by phone or text at 204.817.9040 or email at to inform us if you want to authorize someone else to receive your delivery.

  • I’m travelling for more than a month. Can ReadyMeds deliver to my temporary address?

    Yes, we can make arrangements to deliver to a temporary address in Canada. Please contact us by phone or text at 204.817.9040 or email at to let us know of your new address. We cannot deliver outside of Canada. If you’re travelling outside of Canada, please let us know in advance, and we can make arrangements to ensure you have sufficient medications for your trip.

  • How long will it take for you to package/ship my medications?

    For first-time orders: Your order will be packaged and shipped within 1–2 weeks after you set up your profile. During this time, we will transfer your prescriptions, review and fill your prescriptions, and discuss any potential changes in dosage or scheduling with you.

    For automatic refills or when you order refills: Refills are shipped within 1–2 days and will arrive before you run out of medications.

    If you need your medications sooner, we can often ship them for same-day delivery. Please contact us by phone or text at 204.817.9040, or email, so we can help to facilitate this.

ReadyMeds troubleshooting

  • What do I do if there was a problem with my delivery?

    Please contact us by phone or text at 204.817.9040 or email at for any delivery issues such as a missed delivery, damaged products, and incorrect or missing medications, and we will ensure these are resolved promptly.

  • What if my medications change and I just received my shipment?

    If you have any upcoming medical appointments or are expecting any changes, please let us know in advance, so we can adjust your next medication fill. If you need to make a medication change promptly, we can make special arrangements: For medication additions, we can send out a supplemental pack or vial of medication to be taken in addition to your current pack. For medication changes or discontinuations, we can help advise you on which medications should and should not be taken until your next pack.

    If you are expecting frequent, urgent medication changes, it may be best to receive a smaller supply of medications at shorter intervals or to have certain medications packaged separately. Please talk with one of our pharmacists—we can help find individualized solutions for you!

  • What do I do if I lose a pouch?

    Please let us know if you lose or are unable to account for a pouch; we can advise you on a pouch from a later date you may use in its place. We will replace this later pouch on a future delivery. Please note: there may be an additional charge for the cost of the medication replacement. Some exceptions may apply.

  • Can ReadyMeds accommodate my allergies/intolerances/brand preferences/etc.?

    Yes, we will tailor your medications to ensure you get the product that will be the safest and most effective for you. Please note that some medication brands may come with an increased cost.

  • How do I contact you if I have questions or run into issues with my medications?

    Contact us by phone or text at 204.817.9040 or email at during our regular hours. Emails outside of regular hours will be answered the next business day. For any urgent medical concerns, contact 911.

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