Support for caregivers

ReadyMeds is a full-service pharmacy designed to make life easier for caregivers.

ReadyMeds can save you time and worry. Here’s how.


Your schedule

At ReadyMeds, we provide timely, reliable delivery and consultations that work on your schedule.

Less worry

Concerned about potential interactions between your loved one’s medications and vitamins or supplements? Set up a free consultation and our pharmacists will help you follow the best course of treatment—and we’re always here for ongoing advice.

Talk with a pharmacist

You don’t need to drive for hours to meet with our pharmacists, or stand in line. At ReadyMeds, we bring a relationship with the pharmacist to you, via text, phone or email—however you prefer. We aim to be your partner in care.

Easier doses

Multiple medications can be confusing and increase the risk of errors. Our system can organize your medications to make administration faster and easier.

Proactive refills

No need to keep track of multiple refills: ReadyMeds handles your refills proactively and lets you know when to follow up with your doctor. We can also help manage prescriptions across multiple doctors to ensure you don’t run out of a critical medication.

Professional advice

ReadyMeds pharmacists advise and answer all of your questions about all kinds of medication—supplements, over-the-counter and vitamins as well as prescriptions.

“My elderly father takes multiple medications and has a complex pain management regime. Medications are delivered promptly, and ReadyMeds’ pharmacists (Darren and Devin) provide clinical support and every aspect of pharmaceutical care, all from the comfort of my home.”

—ReadyMeds Caregiver, La Salle, Manitoba

Elderly woman smiling at another person.

Are you ready to enjoy one less errand in your day?