ReadyMeds brings the pharmacy to your clients

We’ve worked with residential care facilities for decades. We understand the unique needs of our professional colleagues—in terms of convenience, compliance and ease of working together—and we’re committed to developing medication plans that work for you and your patients.

At ReadyMeds, we want to make your workday easier. We’re committed to a seamless pharmacy experience for you and the clients in your care by providing reliable delivery, compliance packaging and consultations that work on your schedule.

Your day is busy enough.
We’re here to help.

Our Pacmed system uses easy icons to help patients identify which time of day to take their medications—perfect for patients with cognitive impairment or who cannot read English. Just open the package, and their doses are ready.
If your patients have stable prescriptions, our compliance packaging ensures that they get the right medications, vitamins and supplements at the right time of day.
Do you need to coordinate multiple prescriptions from different physicians and specialists? Leave it to us.
We’ll stay on top of your client’s prescriptions and proactively order refills.
We even deliver non-pill items, such as inhalers, creams and more.

We offer invaluable expertise on all kinds of medication.

ReadyMeds employs a team of six pharmacists—with more than 30 years of combined experience—and more than 15 pharmacy assistants, helping patients with complex medical needs. Have questions about side effects or interactions? We’ll set up a consultation to help you follow the best course of treatment possible.

We take your clients’ health records as seriously as their health.

All the information we receive—health records, prescription history, payment information—is completely secure, using the same industry-leading software we use in our retail locations.

We’ll transfer all of your prescriptions for you.

We can easily switch your patients over to our compliance packaging system; leave it to us!

We’re ready for your business.

For 12 years, we’ve worked with residential care facilities in Winnipeg to make it easier for healthcare professionals to help patients achieve their treatment goals.

Let’s work together