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The idea for ReadyMeds began with founder and CEO Darren Murphy, a Winnipeg pharmacist who, since he began practice in 2007, has specialized in finding innovative ways to deliver exceptional, hands-on patient care—from building relationships with patients in underserved communities to working with professional care facilities to enable greater medication compliance.

Within 10 years of becoming a pharmacist, Darren would open or acquire 11 pharmacies, with more than 150 employees, all united under the Northway Pharmacy brand, and all rooted in a strong sense of going the extra mile for patient care in their Winnipeg neighbourhoods.

During that time, Darren was an early adopter of new systems and technology in a rapidly evolving landscape. One of these new technologies was the Pacmed system of medication dosing.

While a large investment for any pharmacy, this system represents a massive leap in convenience and compliance for any patient, allowing a pharmacy to package prescription and non-prescription medications together in easy-to-use tear strips, organized by time of day and optimized by the pharmacy to avoid interactions.

Murphy also recognized that, because we use online tools in so many other areas of our lives, from banking to shopping, it only made sense to offer the same convenience and accessibility to pharmacy patients—without sacrificing the dedication to patient collaboration and clinical care that his Northway pharmacies have built their reputation on.

And so, ReadyMeds was born as a new kind of pharmacy: one that delivers medication and consultation to the patient, regardless of location, via online ordering and clinical consultations via video chats, and telephone and text messages—all catered to the patient’s preferences.

Welcome to the future of pharmacy.

Our management

Darren Murphy, BSc, Pharm. Founder and CEO.

Darren Murphy, BSc, Pharm
Founder, CEO

Darren Murphy earned a science degree before graduating from University of Manitoba—College of Pharmacy in 2007. He purchased his first independent pharmacy in 2008. Over the next decade, he founded the Northway Pharmacy brand in Winnipeg, opening 10 more pharmacies and employing a staff of over 150. Driven by a deep understanding of clinical pharmacy and a desire for innovation, Darren’s idea of an accessible, convenient, patient-focused pharmacy came to fruition as ReadyMeds in 2019.

Devin Ross, BSc, Pharm. Clinical Services Manager.

Devin Ross, BSc, Pharm
Clinical Services Manager

A 2013 graduate from the University of Manitoba—College of Pharmacy, Devin Ross began his career with Northway Pharmacy Broadway, assuming the newly created role of Clinical Services Manager at Broadway in 2018. Devin is certified to prescribe for minor ailments and to provide medications by injection. Passionate about technology and its application in the pharmacy setting, Devin works on developing enhanced services for patients, such as ReadyMeds.

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